Content is Queen, Distribution is King

“Distribution is King, Content is Queen” and not the self-congratulatory vice-versa often heard. I ask: (Forgive the innate archaic sexism in the analogy) What use is a beautiful, regal, benevolent Queen if the toothless King has no lands, and cannot defend his Kingdom? What hurts the Singapore print market surely has to be the circulation […]

Nobody Aspires to be an Over-Reaching Asshole

Founding a startup is kinda like one of humankind’s most miraculous feats, walking. Walking, as someone puts it, is the act of constantly catching yourself from falling — which is why this action remains so elusive for robotic bi-peds. As a business owner, we are constantly “falling” as well. If you’re doing something disruptive or […]

Is Your PR Company Too Big & Successful (Busy) For You?

Far be it for me to stick my neck into the PR business but when the successful agencies win most of the accounts, sure, the economies of scale and influence work. But only for a short while (after the big high-cost publicity event). The resource allocation and prioritization sets in pretty soon into the mandate […]