Nobody Aspires to be an Over-Reaching Asshole

Founding a startup is kinda like one of humankind’s most miraculous feats, walking.

Walking, as someone puts it, is the act of constantly catching yourself from falling — which is why this action remains so elusive for robotic bi-peds.

As a business owner, we are constantly “falling” as well.

If you’re doing something disruptive or new, there is no roadmap and so the challenge every day is reading the situation & market development, and finding ways to prevent failing from happening.

Sometimes I find myself over-eager to make my case, whether it is pinging brands execs with multiple chasers, or even resorting to emailing the big boss if it looks like there is an unexplained impasse or disinterest… these are things we do NOT because we WANT to be over-reaching assholes (who in the right mind aspires to be so) but it stems from an earnest, humble desire to make things work.

If you find us annoying but passionate about our cause, imagine what we can do when we translate that energy for you, the client. But.. few think about it this way.

As an entrepreneur, we gotta try, there is no progress without rejection. I can’t expect everyone to appreciate it, but those who do, boy, do we cherish them.

Thanks so much.