SALES: Solve Your Client’s Problems, Not Sell Your Customer Products

The BIGGEST mistake I’ve seen sales folk do, the most problematic mindset they have that stops them from being successful, is looking at customers as someone they can sell their products to, and not as clients whose problems they can solve.

Nothing compels someone to buy from you more than the perception (hopefully more than just that, of course) that what they’re spending their monies on, addresses a shortfall in how they’re running their business.

Needless to say, this example applies to essential goods and services to an operating business, not 18-inch rims for a souped-up car.

  • Does the CRM software you’re selling help the client’s company better mange its relationships with its customers? How?
  • Does your ad solutions assist the customer with raising awareness with its target consumers?

Once you adopt the thinking of the buy-side, then your sell-side pitches will be more effective.