Content is Queen, Distribution is King

“Distribution is King, Content is Queen” and not the self-congratulatory vice-versa often heard.

I ask: (Forgive the innate archaic sexism in the analogy) What use is a beautiful, regal, benevolent Queen if the toothless King has no lands, and cannot defend his Kingdom?

What hurts the Singapore print market surely has to be the circulation numbers (many provided ownself by the companies, as noted in the compilation of images). A low 5-figure print reach  is easily slaughtered by Facebook and Google, however you make the argument.

This isn’t helped by the stubbornness by all sides to transition to digital, treating digital as the ugly step-sister you bring to the gala ball (when she’s actually… Cinderella). If media corporations don’t make their digital sites financially viable, the industry is doomed, jobs will be cut and lost forever.