The Toruk Never Looks Up; Neither Does Your Biggest Competitor

So many of us are working on our own startup and fledging businesses, cognizant of who the biggest players are in our market.

For quite a number of you, the approach has been to take small steps to establish a foothold and expand carefully and meaningfully without stirring the attention of the big giant on the block, lest it comes knocking on your door and squeezing you out of the business, whether it’s through predatory pricing or offering the same promotions.


In the movie “Avatar”, if you recall, Jake Sulley (played by Aussie actor Sam Worthington) decides to capture the Toruk with cunning simplicity. Acknowledging that the Toruk — the big red bird of prey feared by all the Na’Vi (natives) of the planet Pandora — which sits at the top of the “fear chain”, so to speak, Jake Sulley attacks it from above, knowing that the Toruk would never expect anyone else to threaten it from that direction.

I recommend this bold strategy for all those who have been initially conservative.

Go after your competitor from where he expects it least.

It is the only way for you to succeed, and perhaps your best chance of survival too.


The author of this note realizes not all have watched the movie Avatar and advises friends not to literally jump on your competitor’s back at the next conference.